Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was talking to a guy last night at a soccer game. He's a fairly prominent ambulance-chaser hereabouts and has two daughters attending Georgetown University. Nice kids. I watched them go through high school and his son is presently in high school. We talked about kids and I asked about his daughters and he volunteered that one of them had been pickpocketed while attending the Obama beatification inauguration.

"That's a hell of a note." says I.

"Yeah," says he. "She's okay, but it kind of broke the spirit of the moment. She was kind of depressed about losing her billfold."

She put her trust in HopenChange and got her pocket picked for her trouble. I hope she doesn't become a metaphor for all of us.


J said...

Must have been some Republicans in the crowd. . . .

Rivrdog said...

Ah, yes, but all the lefties are exclaiming the statistic that NO ONE WAS ARRESTED at the Inauguration.


Could it be that orders had been give NOT to arrest for common misdemeanor crimes? Tough to move arrested people through those crowds, and all available personnel would have been on the street, not in booking centers.